Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Effective Dispute Resolution

Where a dispute has arisen between you and someone else, rather than to immediately take the case to Court we strongly advocate and recommend that you attempt to solve your dispute through dispute resolution.

We provide advice and strategies to resolve disputes in a quick and cost effective manner preferably without the need for lengthy litigation.  We use negotiation strategies and mediation to facilitate early resolution of the dispute if possible.  Resolution at the earliest possible time is the cornerstone of our practice.


Dispute Resolution Options

Dispute resolution can take a number of forms including conciliation, mediation and arbitration.

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution processes often provide a cost effective and timely alternative to Court proceedings.  This involves appointing a qualified mediator to assist and encourage the disputing parties to come to an agreement.  This process allows for many clients to resolve their dispute promptly and privately with as little disruption to their lives as practically possible.


Escalate To Court If Necessary

If a resolution of dispute by agreement is not possible our legal team is capable of pursuing legal proceedings to protect our clients’ interests, as required.  Lees & Givney has experience in advising and representing clients in resolving disputes.  We are mindful of our legal obligation to the Court and to clients to provide quick, cost effective and just litigation.


Use Expert Witnesses

Lees & Givney have built up excellent contacts with various Senior and Junior Barristers, expert witnesses and litigation support providers.  We can assemble a team of experts to assist in resolving your dispute, if necessary.

Having conducted many mediations we have a data base available for selection of suitably qualified mediators who are experienced and effective in conducting the mediation of any dispute that you have.


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